• Dispersion in a foam
    Dispersion in a foam

    Evolution of a concentration pulse transported in a metal foam. Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • iMorph

    iMorph an open Source project for visualisation and morphological analysis of porous materials Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • ZSM-5 pore system

    generated by ZEOMICS, a computational zeolite characterization tool developed at Princeton University.

  • Mixing Front

    Mixing front in a porous media. Copyright FAST/CNRS and GMP/UBA

  • Bentonite grain expanding between sand grains - lms.epfl.ch/en

    Sand/Bentonite mixtures are used in EBS for confinement of hazardous wastes.


Solute transport with irregular source geometry in non-uniform flow simulated with new PTRW algorithm (University of Stuttgart).

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Short description:

Solute transport with irregular source geometry in non-uniform flow through a heterogeneous porous medium. Pure-phase DNAPL trapped within the porous medium is indicated by pink spheres. Dissolved concentrations are visualized as iso-surfaces (blue – low concentration, red – high concentration)

Long description:

Researchers at the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental systems have developed a new particle-tracking random walk algorithm that can account for Dirichlet and third-type boundary conditions with irregular geometries (such as DNAPL dissolution into ambient groundwater flow from a realistic space distribution of trapped DNAPL saturations).
The idea is to use PTRW as a Lagrangian technique to solve diffusive-advective transport at high Péclet numbers. However, the Dirichlet boundary condition has to be defined within a Eulerian manner, as concentrations in PTRW methods require to invoke artificial control volumes. The technique uses a Galerkin projection of PTRW simulations onto control volumes that represent the boundary condition. Publication submitted to Water Resources Research.


Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Koch, Jun.-Prof. Wolfgang Nowak

Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems

University of Stuttgart, Germany

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