• Dispersion in a foam
    Dispersion in a foam

    Evolution of a concentration pulse transported in a metal foam. Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • iMorph

    iMorph an open Source project for visualisation and morphological analysis of porous materials Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • ZSM-5 pore system

    generated by ZEOMICS, a computational zeolite characterization tool developed at Princeton University.

  • Mixing Front

    Mixing front in a porous media. Copyright FAST/CNRS and GMP/UBA

  • Bentonite grain expanding between sand grains - lms.epfl.ch/en

    Sand/Bentonite mixtures are used in EBS for confinement of hazardous wastes.

Porous Media Related Conferences : Past events

10th Interpore Annual Meeting and Jubilee celebration, May 14 - 17, 2018, New Orleans, USA

Computational Method in Water Resources CMWR 2018June 3-7, Saint-Malo, France

Materiaux 2018en particulier: colloque #9 sur les matériaux poreux, granulaires et à grande aire spécifique